Brooch pin 32mm

R1.25 ea
Product code: BP32
32mm Brooch Pin with Safety Clasp for Name Badges and Accessories. Sturdy and Secure Construction.
Brooch pin 32mm
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Name Badge Pin

R7.75 ea
Product code: NBP
This is a brooch pin for name badges. It has the pin on the one side with glue on the other side to attach it to a name badge.
Name Badge Pin
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Brooch pin 20mm

R0.91 ea
Product code: BP20
20mm Brooch Pin with Safety Clasp for Name Badges and Accessories. Reliable and Secure.
Brooch pin 20mm
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Brooch pin 25mm

R1.02 ea
Product code: BP25
This 25mm brooch pin is perfect for attaching name badges securely. It features a safety clasp at the back and is ideal for use with badges.
Brooch pin 25mm
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Self adhesive badge pins

R2.10 ea
Product code: NBP1
Our name badge pin with glue is the perfect solution for attaching name tags to clothing. The safety pin design ensures a secure hold, while the adhesive back adds extra stability.
Self adhesive badge pins
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