Code: STONE04

Wall-Hang Stone: 30x19.7cm Blank Canvas for Sublimation

Wall-Hang Stone: 30x19.7cm Blank Canvas for Sublimation

Introducing our Wall-Hang Stone – a sophisticated canvas measuring 30x19.7cm, crafted specifically for sublimation printing. This blank stone canvas opens the door to a realm of creative possibilities, allowing you to adorn your walls with personalized art that tells a unique story.

Designed for durability and aesthetic appeal, our Blank Stone provides the perfect surface for sublimation printing. Commemorate special moments, design custom wall art, or create thoughtful gifts that leave a lasting impression. The 30x19.7cm dimensions strike a balance between spacious canvas and wall-friendly proportions, making it an ideal choice for various display spaces.

Imprint your favorite photos, intricate designs, or inspirational messages with the precision and vibrancy that sublimation printing offers. Elevate your walls with a touch of personalized elegance, turning every space into a gallery of memories.

Choose the 30x19.7cm Blank Stone for sublimation printing and experience the joy of transforming your surroundings into a visual narrative of your life's moments.

Product Code STONE04
Product Size in mm30cm x 20cm
Branding includedYes
Printable size in mm30cm x 20cm
MaterialSlate stone
Weight in g500
Options30cm x 20cm
Stock levelAvailable

Wall-Hang Stone: 30x19.7cm Blank Canvas for Sublimation
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